Our Story

Gold for the people of Indonesia is part of the culture that is inherited from generation to generation and unconsciously also becomes part of the daily life of our society.

Jewelry and gold bars are the two most popular gold products and are in demand by the public with the aim of long-term investment and beauty/self-beauty.

The need for investment or saving through gold products is expected to be realized and reached by all levels of society, in terms of age and social class.

Therefore, we, PT Emas Antam Indonesia (a subsidiary of PT ANTAM, Tbk) and PT Hartadinata Abadi, Tbk collaborate to make this happen through our gold bars product, namely EmasKITA 99.99% purity gold with ANTAM’s quality and standards.

The society is encougared to be more aware of the importance of saving in the form of gold which can be realized from a small rupiah value, from an early age, and from now on.

Emas Antam Indonesia and Hartadinata also collaborate by offering gold jewelry with a grade of 99.99% (equivalent to pure gold), namely Kencana.

We expect that the collaboration will increase the awareness of the Indonesian peoples that saving gold, both in the form of gold bars and jewelry, is the safest and most trusted first choice, from generation to generation.

Our Brand

Kencana (Trusted and Meaningful Beauty), is here to be a pioneer and the only gold jewelry in Indonesia that has a purity of 24 carats (99.99%). With an attractive design, which will give pride and eternal beauty to the wearer.

In contrast to other gold jewelry which has a purity of 8-18 carats, Kencana provides certainty of a higher buy back price. Now investing is done in full style.

EmasKITA is available from microbar fractions (0.1 grams, 0.25 grams) to 100 grams, making it the right choice for every generation to start planning for a better future.

Kencana is becoming a pioneer and the only gold jewelry in Indonesia that has a tested and trusted 24 carat (99.99%) purity. Kencana will be the top choice for gold jewelry that not only offers beautiful designs with high technology, but also has a high investment value.